Platinum Mixable Ink Recipes – Week Two

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For Inktober 2018 we have decided to have some fun with Platinum Mixable Inks. Platinum Mixable Inks have been created to be mixed with each other without any adverse side effects such as the ink become corrosive or clogging in your pen. We wanted to see if for everyday of October we could create a different ink colour that we enjoyed and then get the Write GEAR community to come up with a great name for it (Thank you to everyone on Instagram and Facebook that contribute to the naming process). This is the second in a series of blog posts where we will give the ink recipes for each one.

It is week two and we are slowly starting to get the hang of ink mixing. This week we decided it would be good to stick to a theme and so for this weeks inks we decided we needed to use Platinum Mixable Ink Smoke Black in each recipe. Our hope is that by using Smoke Black in each recipe we would come out with some deep dark and moody ink colours. Here are the ones we managed to conjure up this week:

Ink Recipe 8

2 parts Smoke Black

1 part Aurora Blue

1 part Flame Red

A deep dark purple that reminded us of a stormy night. In a wet nib it is very dark. The ink flows nice and writes a beautiful colour. 🙂


1ml Sunny Yellow

1ml Flame Red

4 drops of Smoke Black

An interesting orange brown ink colour. Darker in the swab then when writing but it is a nice colour. Always a fan of orange brown inks.

Ink Recipe 9
Ink Recipe 10
Recipe Ten: Emerald city

1ml Leaf Green

6 drops of Smoke Black

Oooooh. This one turned out nice. Deep and dark in places but still has a nice pop on the page. A really beautiful dark green ink. This one is a definite keeper!!

Recipe eleven: Van Gogh BLUE

5 parts Aurora Blue

2 parts Smoke Black

1 part Leaf Green

Blue Black inks are so popular that we thought we needed to make one in this series. This is our attempt. It is nice and saturated. It sits more on the blue then black spectrum. It has a lot of character. It turned out better then we expected.

Ink Recipe 11
Ink Recipe 12
Recipe twelve: GRAPE SODA

2 parts Cyclamen Pink

2 parts Flame Red

1 part Smoke Black

Like the Emerald City Green in recipe ten this one is also both dark and bright. A nice pink black ink with some shading. Writes lighter then the swab but still beautiful 🙂

Recipe thirteen: Crows Landing

2 parts Earth Brown

1 part Smoke Black

It is unfortunate that this image doesn’t capture just how nice this brown looks. This is a great looking brown ink. It is deep, dark and serious. It reminds me a little of Rohrer and Klingner Sepia. Another keeper.

Ink Recipe 13
Recipe fourteen: mermaids lagoon

1ml Aurora Blue

1ml Leaf Green

10 drops of Smoke Black

A deep dark teal ink colour. It has a tad of shading with the dark parts nice and saturated. It comes out a really nice colour when in a pen.

That concludes week two of our Platinum Mixable Ink recipes which all include Smoke Black. Not all the recipes were as dark and moody as we set out to create but they all turned out really nice! One of the things we liked about the addition of Smoke Black to each ink we created is how it gave the ink more presence on the page. Which is definitely something to consider when mixing inks. Recipe 10,11 and 13 are our favourites for the week. Which ink recipe is your favourite?

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  1. Johan says:

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    • Jamie Ternent says:

      Hi Johan,
      Thanks so much. What a great comment and compliment. I am glad you are enjoying the site.
      Keep Well

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    I Keep coming back to this site, sometimes just to browse, you guys at Write Gear are really great, fantastic range of pens and inks and papers, the order processing is quick and delivery is even quicker.
    Your doing a great job.

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      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the comment and great compliment. We appreciate it. Glad you are enjoying the site.

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