Platinum Mixable Ink Recipes – Week One

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For Inktober 2018 we have decided to have some fun with Platinum Mixable Inks. Platinum Mixable Inks have been created to be mixed with each other without any adverse side effects such as the ink become corrosive or clogging in your pen. We wanted to see if for everyday of October we could create a different ink colour that we enjoyed and then get the Write GEAR community to come up with a great name for it (Thank you to everyone on Instagram and Facebook that contribute to the naming process). This is the first in a series of blog posts where we will give the ink recipes for each one.

First up we need to admit that we are new to the ink mixing game. We love inks, love different colours but have never spent much time mixing inks. Since we got Platinum Mixable Inks we thought it was time to try out some mixing. For the first week we never had any theme. We were just aiming for some interesting colours while we get used to the mixing of inks. Below is our first seven attempts which surprised us ink how nice some of them came out. 

Ink Recipe 1
Recipe One: Burnt Olive


4 Parts Sunny Yellow

1 Part Smoke Black

An interesting mustard green colour. It has nice flow and with a little bit of shading. When used in a wet nib the colour is distinct but very dark and saturated. 


Recipe Two: Haunted Ruby


4 drops of Smoke Black for every 1ml of Flame Red

This is a nice colour. Has lots of shading and character. It has more pink in it than we expected but the dark parts are just a gorgeous shade of dark magenta. This Mixable Ink recipe is a keeper!


Ink Recipe 3
Recipe Three: Forbidden Shores


2 Parts Aqua Blue

1 Part Aurora Blue

We went looking for a nice bright true blue and come out with this colour. It is pretty bright, has more shading then we expected with nice flow. The colour comes out best with a wet nib.


Recipe Four: Martian Dust


1.5ml Sunny Yellow

1ml Flame Red

1 drop Smoke Black

1 drop Aurora Blue

This one is a little bit of a complex recipe but it is worth it. The colour comes out a beautiful shade of terracotta which is really nice if you are a fan of orange brown inks. 

Ink Recipe 4
Recipe FIVE: “Ek Soek Nie KHAKI”


2 Parts Aurora Blue

1 Part Sunny Yellow

This is not the green we went looking for. It turned out more muted then we expected but then to our total surprise it had sheen. Sheen is the last thing we expected to get from any recipe using Mixable Inks and it was a really pleasant surprise. 

Recipe six: Purple Rain 


2 Parts Flame Red

3 Parts Aqua Blue

Now this is another keeper of a recipe. The colour is a beautiful shade of purple that has a lot of depth to it. At times you can see the hints of blue coming through and at other times the pinks. A really beautiful purple!

Ink Recipe 7
Recipe Seven: Clouds of Neptune


1 Part Leaf Green

1 Part Aurora Blue

Probably the simplest of this week’s recipes and by no means a boring one. This is a beautiful emerald colour that has a little bit shading and some nice sheen. 


That concludes week one of our Platinum Mixable Ink recipes. We are starting to get a hang of mixing inks and knowing what colours will be produced. We are excited for a few more weeks of ink mixing and seeing what great ink colours we can produce. Recipe 2,6 and 7 are our favourites for the week. Which ink recipe is your favourite?

All the Platinum Mixable Ink are available here at 10% off for the month of October.

One thought on “Platinum Mixable Ink Recipes – Week One

  1. Werner says:

    “Haunted Ruby” – sounds like the du Maurier sisters came up with that one. I am not averse to a bit of goth drama so I would pick that as the most successful colour. Fun to see a new tool for customising the writing experience. Witchy and alchemical – how about a Halloween-flavoured theme?

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