Platinum Mixable Ink Recipes – Week 3

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For Inktober 2018 we have decided to have some fun with Platinum Mixable Inks. Platinum Mixable Inks have been created to be mixed with each other without any adverse side effects such as the ink become corrosive or clogging in your pen. We wanted to see if for everyday of October we could create a different ink colour that we enjoyed and then get the Write GEAR community to come up with a great name for it (Thank you to everyone on Instagram and Facebook that contribute to the naming process). This is the second in a series of blog posts where we will give the ink recipes for each one.

It is week three and this week we added water to all our inks. We had hoped that by diluting the inks it would tone down the saturation of the inks. It certainly did in some cases but in others it required us to add more water than we felt comfortable with. All in all though it did help us come up with some interesting colours with a tad bit more shading than without dilution. I think you will like some of the colours here. Here are the ones we managed to conjure up this week:

Ink Recipe 15

1ml Sunny Yellow 

0.5ml Water

10 drops of Earth Brown

We went looking for a nice golden colour and this one did not disappoint. This is nice and saturated and easily legible. Its is a nice golden colour for those who like yellow / gold inks.


1ml Aqua Blue

1ml Water

0.5ml Aurora Blue

16 drops of Leaf Green

We went looking for a Kyoto Hisoku looking ink and ended up with this one. It is considerably brighter and more saturated but WOW this is a nice colour. Definitely in our top 3 Platinum Mixable Ink recipes so far!

Ink Recipe 16

1.5ml Water

0.5ml Aurora Blue

0.5ml Silky Purple

6 drops of Smoke Black

A pretty straight forward purple but with a little bit of shading. The ink looks better in person then this image makes it out to look.


1 part Aqua Blue

1 part Sunny Yellow

1 part Water

A nice and bright green with a bit of shading. This is a fantastic colour. It will add a lot of interest to your page.

Ink Recipe 19

1ml Aurora Blue

1ml Water

5 drops Sunny Yellow

Another Blue Black or should I say dirty blue. A simple colour with a tad of sheen in the very saturated parts. It flows nicely and would work for someone looking for a good everyday blue ink.


1ml Water

0.5ml Smoke Black

0.5ml Sunny Yellow

5 drops of Silky Purple

It is hard to tell if this ink is black, brown or grey. It has quite a lot fo depth to it. It is a fantastic colour for those who like dark moody inks.

Ink Recipe 20
Ink Recipe 21

1ml Water

1ml Cyclamen Pink

5 drops of Earth Brown

1 drop of Smoke Black

I had hope that dilution would tone down the colour. It didn’t. This is bright and saturated and it pops off the page. Adding the brown and the black gave this ink a whole lot more character then the normal Cyclamen Pink. I like it 🙂

That concludes week three of our Platinum Mixable Ink recipes which all include water as a dilution fluid. Not all of the inks came out as expected. In fact some came out way more saturated then I expected. However we did manage to get some really nice colours out of this week.  Recipe 16, 18 and 20 are our favourites by far. Which ink recipe is your favourite?

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