Pentroduction: A Look at the TWSBI ECO T

Pentrocuction: TWSBI ECO T Cover Photo

In 2015 when TWSBI launched their ECO line it was a game changer. In South Africa it meant you could get a piston filler pen for under R1000. It soon became one of the most sought after pens on Write GEAR and in our opinion one of the best entry level pens available. It is almost the perfect entry pen for a budding fountain pen enthusiast. It is a piston filler, a demonstrator and it comes with a really good nib.

And now, as recently as December last year, TWSBI unveiled another version of the already famous ECO, the ECO T

What’s Changed?

At first glance, not a whole bunch. The barrel is still the clear demonstrator barrel just like the original ECO and the cap and back end piece are still solid colours, just like the original ECO.

What has changed however is the shape of these solid colour pieces at the front and back of the pen. Where they are hexagonal on the ECO, they are now a soft cornered triangular shape on the ECO T.


This seems to be to highlight the major change in the ECO T – the grip section.

The TWSBI ECO T has a triangular shaped grip section reminiscent of those on the Lamy Safari and Al-Star pens. It is a deliberately shaped grip section aimed at anyone wanting to improve their grip technique. However, I would have to say that a pronounced grip section can’t just be for those wanting to change/improve their grip. If the success of the Lamy Safari is anything to go by then I would have to say that a lot of people enjoy a more pronounced grip section that helps you hold the pen a specific way. If that is you then you will love the new ECO T.

Other than those changes, the ECO T is essentially the same as the ECO. It comes in the same box (although with different colour cover paper) with its own maintenance kit and manual, it has the same nib and feed and it has the same piston mechanism.

If you are looking for a Piston Filler pen with a shaped grip section to aid you in holding your pen correctly then the TWSBI ECO T becomes a really good option for you.

The ECO T is a nice addition to the popular TWSBI ECO line-up even though its grip section might limit it to a specific, albeit broad, audience.

If you want to get the TWSBI ECO T you can follow the link below:

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