DAY 3 : #21daystocreate

Day 3 of 21 Days To Create

Show Your Pens Some Love

Do you have some pens that, quite frankly, have been neglected? The ones that have been sitting on the bench waiting to be called up into the team for far too long? Well today is their day! They’re making a come back!

Today we’re going to dig up your neglected pens and give them a thorough clean! Did I just hear your pens shout “Thank you Write GEAR”?? Probably.

Once we’ve got them clean and dry and ready to be inked, we’re going to ink ’em up, each with a different colour if possible.

How To Clean Your Pens – 101

• Remove the barrel of the pen and run water through the front section until the water coming out the nib is clean. An even better option is to use a syringe here if you have one.

• Although your pen is relatively clean and ready to be inked up now, we’re doing a deep clean so we’re not done yet. From here we need to take your pen apart as far as safely possible and then soak in lukewarm water for a few hours. Be careful here. This is where you can do some damage. If you aren’t comfortable taking your pen apart, then skip this section. If you aren’t sure how to take your pen apart get hold of us or do a quick google search and you should find some help.

After soaking, rinse under clean water and leave to dry.

Once dry, you’re ready to reassemble your pen and ink it up! She’ll be working as good as new!

Bonus task for today: Once you’ve inked your pen up, make a list at the back of a notebook of which pen has which ink in it. It’s a handy way to keep track of your inks per pen and also doubles as a colour swatch book of your ink collection.

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