WG x FRARA ROAD – Pen Roll



Made from the highest quality full grain upholstery leather

6 Sleeve Pockets for Pens or pencils (or whatever you are wanting to carry that fits in the sleeves for that matter – it’s up to you)

Protection flap means your pens are safe and secure at all times
Frara Road and WG branding on the inside
Pull back self-locking system

Available in four limited edition colours:
Burgandy with Tan Stitching
Coffee with Tan Stitching
Emerald Green with Red Stitching
Olive Green with Red Stitching

Dimensions when rolled:
Length – 18.5cm
Width – 7.5cm
Height – 7cm
Dimensions when open flat:
Length – 30.5cm
Width (Flap Closed) – 18.5cm
Width (Flap Open) – 28cm
Depth – 0.8cm

Frara Road Brand Logo