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I have had Field Notes pocket notebooks since before we started Write GEAR. There’s something about them that I love, and yet we have never brought in any until now.

This for the main part has been because we’ve focused on notebooks with paper that really shines when used with a fountain pen such as Rhodia, Clairefontaine and Endless. Field Notes paper is “so so” for fountain pens and certainly isn’t Tomoe River. Despite that, it has never taken away my love for Field Notes. They epitomise why I love stationery. Their passion for craft and story is palpable in their brand. The limited releases they do show how committed they are to producing products with great stories and attention to the details. I have admired them for that. In fact, more than admired them, I secretly have wanted to be them. To create such fresh products that ooze with passion for craft, adventure, story and stationery.

Then a month ago Field Notes released their new Letterpress edition, and we knew now was the time to bring in a batch of Field Notes for Write GEAR.

If you love bespoke craft stationery then the chances are that you love Letterpress. It is like the ultimate in craft printing. It gets all my nostalgic juices going. The way skill is required, the manual process needed and of course the way it leaves a slight deboss on the page. Wow! Field Notes in true Field Notes style got 9 of the independent letterpress printers scattered across the US to design and print the 9 covers that make up the new limited edition sets they have just released. (Watch the video below). We had to have them. We had to have them not just because we think they are cool notebooks and want to add more to our growing personal collection but because somehow these notebooks capture so much of our passion for stationery. Story and craft and paper and potential. They capture, I am sure a lot of the reason why many of you are passionate about stationery.

So, we pulled the trigger and brought in these three sets as well as a few of their other Limited releases. We only have a few, and we are not sure that we will bring in Field Notes again (unless of course another edition really hits us like this one did). But we did this because we love this kind of thing, and we know you do as well.

Get yours before they are gone and join us in our passion for story, creativity, craft and writing.

Disconnect. Create. Write.

You can purchase Field Notes here:

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