Welcome to the Write GEAR Mystery Box. In November we are going to be sending off a few mystery boxes to those who subscribe. Just like the name suggests the mystery box will be a mystery until you open it. You will have no idea what will be inside. You only know that it will contain at least R500 worth of fountain pen goodness. This means the box could contain inks, ink samples, pens, paper, accessories and anything related to fountain pens and maybe even a couple things that are not but that you should enjoy. It will contain items that you will be the first to get access to, even items that we don’t stock on Write GEAR but that we know you will enjoy. This is us having fun with our passion and inviting you to join us.

If you are interested in being part of this then please fill in the form below.



We have had an overwhelming response to this idea. We are therefore closing the Mystery Box sign-up until further notice. Thank you for your support!